Is this fixable?

Hey guys,

Was doing some swapping around of elements between my crux and the new build and noticed the antenna wire of the Cherry is cut thru.

Is this it for the Cherry or can I solder both halves together?

personally… I’d scrap it :man_shrugging:

Yup - agree with @Steviegeek - it’s a goner. Because they’re a central core and outer shielding, they are nigh on impossible to fix cleanly.

A repair would bugger up the impedance and wreck the performance of the antenna

Tks for the inputs guys…

I tried just twisting them together and putting so shrink wrap just for kicks, since it cant get worse anyways… Results as expected, lol…

I’m thinking now of trying to open the part, remove the cable and put the bit of cable with the connector back on… At least I learn about these things a bit and work on some skills with tiny things…

Pissed me off bc its not even that old, I do have a spare as it came in a 2 pack, but its annoying and frustrating nonetheless.

Oh smashing up antennas is the norm! Protect them and tie them down well. Have a stock of spares is my take on this :slight_smile: Used to be nearly as disposable as my props hehe, but hey I like to crash!

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As the others have said - impedance and wavelengths could be all over the place and could cost you a lot more. :+1:

What annoys me most is that it wasn’t even on a crash, or at least not its final separation…

Well, got live with this as it is the norm, as you say, in this hobby. At least when flying more aggressively

If for some miracle I do somewhat fix it, I would be flying with it far anyways, and would do some extensive testing before trusting it .

Did some work on this today.

I wasn’t able to open the red part to remove the wire from the inside as I previously mentioned, but I did redo the connection I had done previously.
I disconnected both ends, removed the exposed wires, curt off some insulation from both ends and now soldered them together. Once soldered, I shrink wrapped, pulled back the ground strand wires around that and covered everything up with shrink wrap again.

I did a bench test with the dodgy vtx from my toothpick build and at least there is image. There are black and white lines allover, but the image is visible. Once I get the new vtx I ordered I might do some tests on it as well just to confirm if the lines will still be present, which most likely will, and also to do some fly tests with it on my usual flying spots. If the lines are the only problems, I can at least have this as a spare for emergencies and save it from the bin. :smiley:

Received the new VTX and was able to do a bit more test with the antenna, seems to be working like it was before it broke. I was only able to test it at the underground carpark, so wasn’t going far or anything, but the image was clear as ever. The lines I mentioned before only happen when connected via USB, with lipos its all clean.
So far so good :smiley: