Isle of Skye Trip Part 2

Due to the weather on my recent 3 day trip to Skye I spent more time shooting with my Nikon’s than my M2P or M2.In fact the shots from Neist Point Lighthouse were shot flat on my stomach as I could hardly stand in the wind and hold a camera steady (tripod just kept blowing over!).

Neist Point - Nikon Z6 - 1/500 sec @ f8, 200iso.

Sligachan Old Bridge - Nikon Z6 - 1/250 sec @ f8, 200iso

Skye Bridge - Nikon Z6 - 7 image manual HDR at f10, 100iso.

Sunset at Kensaleyre Church, Skye - Nikon Z6 - 1/500 sec @ f13, 200iso.

Eilean Bàn (‘White Island’) Former home of author Gavin Maxwell - Nikon Z6 - 1/640 sec @ f8, 100iso, 3 image pano.

Eilean Donan Castle - Nikon Z6 - 1/250sec @ f8, 100iso

Loch Achtriochtan, Glencoe - Nikon Z6 - 1/250 sec @ f5.6, 100iso


Stunning set of photo’s :clap:

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Gorgeous set of images John :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Mick & Steve :+1: @raider64 @SirGunner


Some brilliant skills and scenery on display here.
Thanks for sharing

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Thanks Howard @Howard78 :+1:

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Amazing photos, John. Absolutely stunning. Brings back memories of my trip up there last year when we hired a motorhome (between the lockdowns). Would love to go back someday.

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Thanks Chris :+1: Skye is a fantastic place but my next trip there will be out with midge season lol

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Everyone warned me of them before our trip last year but TBH we were never bothered by them. Maybe the time of year or they just didn’t like us :joy:. I do believe they can be pretty brutal though!

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Great photos, Skye is a beautiful place! Avon Skin So Soft works great for the midgies!

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Outstanding images, I am on Skye in November, hoping to get my M2 up and about, but not holding out to much hope, having been to Skye before, and knowing how much of a wind magnet the place is, I have just bought my M2 so still in the early stages of learning, had a couple of flights, got some decent shots, not much of a video man, but will try to learn as I have seen some awesome footage, that has wet my appetite

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Always meant to get over to Sky but never managed it. Stunning photos I hope I do managed to get there one day.

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Thanks Malcolm :+1: Skye is an amazing place, but yes it’s usually pretty windy. I’m hoping to get back up there again in November too.

Thanks Steve, yes definitely worth a visit if you can make it :+1:

Brilliantly captured John. Imagine what you could do with perfect weather conditions. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks John :+1: