It's that Windmill again (Brill, Bucks)

I think this windmill has generated more heat than light in the debate about where we can fly our drones. I stopped here in July, it was pretty quiet, and I set my sub-250g Mini 2 to the air for some quick manoeuvres.

Brill Windmill is owned by Brill Parish Council and is managed, maintained and opened to the public by The Brill Society, a registered charity. It’s a post mill dating from around 1680, although most of the structure has been replaced or rebuilt at one time or another. Here we can see the sails are in the course of replacement (July 2023, since completed; @ianamurray posted a photo a few months after my flight, here).

Also available as a 360, Brill windmill 360.


nice orbit was that manual?

Thanks. Mostly machine done, I think.

Nice one👍Know the area well and also have some mini 2 shots. Best time during the week, less crowded😊