It's there a DJI Go 4 manual?


It’s there a downloadable PDF somewhere??? I’ll be damned if I can’t find it.

I found the ‘Pilots Handbook’ on the DJI site, so a version of that would be cool.



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Hey Ned just found this online although not an official manual it does look fairly comprehensive. Hope this helps mate

DJI GO 4 Manual Rev1.3.pdf (8.7 MB)


Cheers @SirGunner, that’s my bedside reading sorted :+1:

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That’s pretty up-to-date, too … Feb 2020.

There’s only been one version release since then, in August/September (took them 3 attempts to get 4.3.37 fully sorted).

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Enjoy :grin:

See page 50 onwards:

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I’ve already got that PDF… and somehow managed to completely overlook that section.

Cheers mate :+1:

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