I've been PFCO'd by the CAA for Multi-rotor and Helicopters


In all of this it keeps your grey matter active …(can’t find and emoji of grey hair :man_white_haired: ok I lied :shushing_face: )


Well done. Going there in May. With apprehension as like yourself been a long time since I was in the classroom. Well done once again.


Congratulations , i did mine with Copterz


Congrats Lance @Njoro.

So you have permission for helicopters as well as quads?

Is that an extra to the flight test then?


Yes a flight test but accessed by the BMFA under their achievements scheme. I only came across the fact that the CAA would accept the BMFA achievement scheme for model aircraft-helicopters while researching information for my Ops Manual.

I wonder how many more PFCO holders there is with a helicopter rating?


Not many. I reckon you could count them on both hands.

Noticed one of the bigger operators use helicopters as well as quads but your the first person I’ve heard doing it.

With all the autonomous flight controllers these days, would you be flying a CP with something like ardupilot or purely manual?

Would love to see some helicopter footage when you get round to doing it.


I’ll not be deliberately looking to use my own CP helicopter despite the fact I have got a shelved project which I may revisit at some point in time.

Having a recognised CAA rating just means that a few other doors might open either in build and development or plain camera flying.

My shelved project which is a T-Rex 600E has a Dji Naza H and various 3D printed parts to enable the mounting of non standard parts.

I shelved my project due to the advent of Dji drones which are more integrated, I have been experimenting for a number of years which has allowed me to develop skills that otherwise I’d be lacking.

Many years ago the camera on this helicopter was the most powerful one I could get at 10mW


Ok two things Lance

Just watched the video can you get quiet props :grin:

did you manage to sort the gello effect you seemed to be having

Otherwise a very different insight to flying small aircraft



That was 9 years ago, the jello was a pain because of the IC engine; vibrational harmonics was another issue that changed with the rotor head speed. I tried a head speed governor coupled with a fuel ratio mixture governor which helped. I hadn’t yet thought of a more sophisticated anti-vibration mount so I abandoned the experiment.
I then moved onto experimenting with the T-Rex 600E which I flew FPV the once which scared the c;:/“p out of me.
The unknown was the scary bit especially due the fact I did it alone, it took along time to put together because of safety concerns.

My T-Rex maiden, less vibration.


Congratulations! Glad it was a good experience. I’ll be ringing them soon.


The best, worth every penny…:+1:


That’s great news mate
well done


Morning guys. Well well well… I have done my PfCO now and has become a legal commercial UAV pilot!
The trip from here on forward will become expensive, I think… Have already made peace with that. lol


Congrats, Stef! :+1:




“Congratulations and jubilations” to the tune of sir cliff…:+1:


Lol thanks!


ok how did you find it

congratulations just need to send of for your PfCO and complete your Manual


Right then, I’ve booked on for the April course!



Yes, my OM will probably go in next week.