I've been PFCO'd by the CAA for Multi-rotor and Helicopters


Ok, I kept the cat in the bag until I actually got my PFCO certificate today, I attended an (NQE) namely UAV8 Ltd. I was apprehensive of the theory work and the exam that was to follow, the reason being I haven’t been in a classroom for a very long time and my ageing brain is worrying.

Well, the tutors at UV8 are serving military personnel and their approach to teaching you what you need to know was done with surgical precision based on their daily military style brief in the assimilation of information. I took their advice not to prepare by reading anything but to go as is which I did, it all became clear how fruitless it would have been if I’d tried to prepare.

The venue was perfect and as a quest, I found my room was very clean and was cleaned daily and had clean towels and fresh soap daily.

The food provided by UAV8 was fantastic and plenty of it, too much for a diabetic like me ‘pity’.

Friendships were easy to make because of the way everyone was respected and encouraged to work together in solving problems which most people have never encountered.
The course work is intensive, there is a lot to learn right up to the exam, refreshments were available teas and coffee during the day to keep the brain ticking along and awake.

I highly recommend UAV8 Ltd they really are professionals in every way.


Congratulations! How long was it from the course to getting the certificate?


The course was in January, my birthday weekend and in fact, I passed the flight assessment on my birthday so it’s been just under a month since I did it. It’s been about 3 weeks waiting for the Ops manual from the CAA.


Thanks that’s good to know. I’ll be going for mine shortly


Where will you be travelling from?


I’m in Oxfordshire but happy to go to UAV8 as they get good reviews


Try and get there early to grab a parking space, it’s a very small car park.


Congrats to @Njoro … who is now proudly wearing his PfCO Verified Badge on his profile!


Congratulations @Njoro. I am doing my course local to me next week and really looking forward to it. How did you find putting together the ops manual?


UAV8 were very helpful in their guidance and if your tutors are going to do the same you’ll have no issues.




Well done Lance, great news mate :clap:t2:

Hope you were able to use the UAV8 discount we have in place :wink:

Thanks for the write-up too, always interesting to see how all the different providers compare!


Congrats @Njoro ( what’s your real name?)
Took my PfCO last year with CDT link below
Not cheap but did the job there’s no stopping you now …ok once you have done your due diligence pre flight checks and making sure your 30ft away from the general public :grin::+1:


Thanks, I did enquire about a discount which was granted. I’m so glad I went with them, they are professional of professionals.


Lance Njoroge…


That’s better Lance
It doesn’t show in your profile that’s all
Anyways have you found you now take more care of where you take off from?


Congratulations Lance @Njoro
I am definitely going to do this soon, well done mate


I’ve always taken care, I’ve been flying for many years more than 40 years now.
Having said that I’m now more aware of so much more than before.


Congratulations Lance.


Well done Lance !, up with the big boys now !