I've bought a DJI Mini Drone

Hello all well I’ve done it went and ordered my Mini drone it should arrive end of this month looking forward to flying it.

Weather has been bad here in Portsmouth hope it eases off soon. Regards Irvine


I for one will be interested in how you find it as you obviously have experience with drones unlik3 myself

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Hi Sundowner maybe an over statement about being an experienced droned I get by. As I said the weather is terrible here in Portsmouth UK. Rain and more rain hopefully will get to try the drone when it arrives and the weather is nice

Regards Irvine

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Hi Irvine ,
Same here, just went up to the local reservoir, flew the MM for one minute and, as I turned around, this fine horrible drizzly stuff hit my face. MM wouldn’t land for anything so “walked” it into the flat car park and managed there. Straight into the car and a lot of drying followed!!! So much for UK drone flying aaaaaarrrrgghhhh


Hi again my drone should get here in about 10 days time. Will time the flying to the weather here. Where r u from as I said it’s been really bad here non stop rain and heavy winds. Look out for my photos etc wish me luck. Regards

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I’m in Nortumberland, not far from Corbridge. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you :grin:

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Weather is xxap hoping it gets better