I've cracked it

Quite literally!!!
Was flying inside a large factory today once I had finished work, and rather than keeping an eye on the mini 2 I was too busy viewing the screen and trying to get shots of the machines I have just finished installing. I have managed to fly into a piece of unistrut used to support cables as they drop down from ceiling height. I have cracked the top and bottom shells, and cracked the front glass on the camera, I’ve also had to change 7 props!!! Its still flying, the gimble works, and the glass crack is not over the lens so doesn’t have any effect. I took out the care refresh so I’m tempted to send it away for inspection and repair, but I’m also tempted to wait until I do something really bad and keep flying as, I know I’m going to crash again at some point. The only thing that concerns me is that I may have done some internal damage that I’m just not aware of yet. Should I send it to dji for inspection/repair or just keep using it for now? What would you guys do?



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Sorry to hear that. Sounds like something I would do too. You have paid for care refresh, may as well use it, especially if the body and the glass is cracked.


Sorry to here of your Mini 2 accident but I would definitely use the care refresh. If the glass has cracked you’re going to probably get condensation inside the glass which will make taking decent video and photos next to impossible which is the main reason we fly camera drones


Definitely use it. I had some minor damage to mine shortly after getting it. I had care refresh, but decided to hold off using it in case of more serious damage.
I ended up never using it & ended up not taking it out again as I’ve had the drone a few years now & seemed to just be wasting money.


Personally I’d use the care refresh. The glass crack would be my biggest worry. In addition to the possibility of condensation already mentioned by Steve (SirGunner) - the fact that’s cracked suggests its taken quite a good wallop which could well have damaged the gimbal - they are fragile at the best of times. there maybe other unseen damage which could develop and result in you loosing the complete drone which could make using care refresh more difficult or even land you in trouble with an uncontrolled flyaway. :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Cheers for the replies gents, I think I’ll take the overwhelming advice and use the care refresh. Oh well, I’m going to be droneless for the next few weeks

  1. Don’t fly your drone indoors, without the prop guards and if you don’t have any and intend to fly indoors again, then get some. They aren’t just for beginners

  2. You may well be able to use the drone, even after what appears to be only minor damage, but if you are fine with that, then what was the point in taking out Care refresh in the first place. As SirGunner pointed out, having a crack in the cover glass of the camera, could eventually lead to moisture getting into the camera and so making use of your care refresh, is the ONLY choice in my book…

  3. No sensible pilot, would fly their drone, once it is damaged.


@mynameisjoe refresh it, otherwise what was the point?


Unless you opted for Care Refresh Gold, then you would be provided a courtesy drone :sweat_smile:

Well that’s it boxed up and ready to go back. Was sorely tempted to have just one more flight today as wind has dropped and rain has gone, typical!!!

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Just a thought before I get the paperwork through and drop it off in the next few days. I removed all the props after the crash and put new ones on so I could check if everything was working, for some strange reason I kept the broken ones. No point in me sending it back with brand new props is there? Think I’ll have to unpack it and stick all the smashed ones back on! Might as well get DJI to replace them while its on holiday in the Netherlands.

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For sure, get your moneys worth :+1:

Does anyone know how long it takes to get a replacement? Real world, not what they say on the website. I sent it away last Tuesday, they received it the following day according to UPS, but still showing online as waiting delivery. I’ve got my fingers crossed for not more than two weeks?

The average is ten days or so :+1:t2:

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Cheers PingSpike, that’s not so bad. Outside chance I might have it for next weekend but I’ll not get my hopes up.

Got an email from them today saying that I could pay the £45 and they would ship out the replacement, or £79 to carry out the repairs. Considering it needed new gimble/camera, top and bottom cases I find that surprisingly cheap! Went for the £45 option even though I know it will most likely be a refurbed unit, but its still got 11 months warranty from purchase so I’m not too bothered about that. I will however remember to fit prop guards next time I’m flying indoors!!! Hopefully be here for the weekend