I've tagged my bird!

And no, I don’t mean the girlfriend :smiley:

I treated my Mavic Pro to some ident stickers.

This firm on eBay printed these for me:

I contacted them before I placed the order and they very happily changed the text to say, “REWARD IF FOUND” and they printed my mobile number on there too. They sent me a PDF proof too, before printing.

The numbered batteries also help with correct rotation too :+1:

Highly recommended!


I Like this a lot. Will be getting some of these made!!!

I can’t fault them. They’re not fading, not peeling, no issues at all. And being able to still see the LEDs is an added bonus :+1:

Mine are ordered and en route. I passed the link onto a Mavic owning friend and he might be getting some as well.

Nice one Jay, please also pass on this link https://GreyArro.ws to the same Mavic owning friend and invite them along :smiley: :+1:


Ordered…this drone ownership mark is getting expensive!!..Tooo many accessorie!

Nice find, @PingSpike - just ordered mine too,

I’ve had them on a few months now, no issues re peeling or anything - and being able to see the LEDs is an added bonus :+1:

Here’s how they look when fitted, excuse the grainy pics but you’ll get the idea:

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Lookin’ good! Are they still available to order?

Yup, that link in the first post is still valid. Seller is on holiday till next week tho :+1:

Looks great - sadly no longer on ebay

oops! just realised that thread was 3 years ago!! :joy: :joy: :joy: