Jessops sale 25/05/2021

Hi everyone.
I’ve just got an email from Jessops and I thought I would shave the sale link some very good prices,DER2,3P4P0P,1JB38,1

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Is it only second hand stuff, Steve?

Hang on…

I thought Jessops went bust again? :thinking:

Could be the receiver/liquidator selling off stuff. :man_shrugging:

Yeh used stuff.

They closed all there stores and went online only.

Yeah small print at the bottom “joint administrators”

I think you’re right:

Assuming the kit is still in good nick, that’s a mighty cheap Mavic Pro price eh? :clap:t2:

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ummm …


Sold already :rofl:

Told you it was cheap!

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Hmmmm have to be quick in a sale

The Air 2 ain’t a bad price … but I’d need to know a lot more about warranty, etc., before parting with a p.

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Shame they didn’t have any DJI fpv on that list.

Arm could have been twisted…

Nope - not really - I have an MP that’s better than that one. :wink:

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Someone has bought those MPs to flip on ebay if they’ve got any sense :slight_smile:

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Perhaps I should get the MA2 to flip on a #for-sale-wanted near me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Second hand kit from a bankrupt firm?

I’d be expecting zero warranty :slight_smile:

In fact, I’d consider myself lucky if it even arrived :smiley:

Administrators are under greater restrictions as to what they can/can’t do than the original company. I’d be seriously surprised if they didn’t arrive.

Had the M2P been nearer £500, then I might have discovered I had an unexpected muscle reflex.

Did you buy anything Steve @speatuk ?

No nothing on there I was tempted with.
That’s why I passed the info.

I’m sure this will happen.

They are offering finance options. It would arrive I do think it is collection only though.