Jumpy Video MA2

I am very new to this and although I am concentrating on flying more than videoing/photography at the moment, some of my footage is really jumpy and I do not know why this is happening. It plays back ok on the phone screen but when I transfer it to the computer about half of the video are unusable due to the jumps in the footage. I can take 2 consecutive vids and one will be fine and the next useless. I am copying straight from the SD card to the computer but I have noticed that the “faulty” footage cannot be played as thumbnail image , I have open it up in Quick player, whereas the good footage loads as a thumbnail and I can play it. Any ideas as this is driving me mad?

I have experienced jumpy video with my MA2. It occurred when I set the video using the H265 codec. My laptop is around 4/ years old and can’t handle it. However a later desktop model showed all was ok with the video. I have since decided to opt for the H264 codec and all is fine with both computers.

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What SD card are you using, sounds like it’s not fast enough.

Oh and welcome to GADC

Thanks for the welcome. I am using SanDisk Extreme pro, 128gb Class10. It was recommended when I bought the MA2. I have just uploaded a short clip onto YouTube and the quality is shockingly bad but it plays smoothly


Welcome Jessica. Are you recording in 4K? If so, try 1080p, it might be better.

ash2020, thanks for the suggestion I will check that, I have narrowed the problem down to when I am using active tracking so I will go out later for another flight and check it is recording in1080

Good luck. I found, even with a fast card, 4K video wasn’t smooth.