Junio1 Drones

Has anyone ever bought/flown a Junio1 Drone. I’m sure it’s a Chinese knock-off, but I’ve found one for <£50 on Amazon (with a voucher code).

Is it worth trying it out? Cheers


At that price?


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I meant the £136 price btw :slight_smile:

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There seems to be a another surge of these things appearing with grandiose claims. It’s certainly a scam at £136 and I would say £50 is too much. The claim of having a usable 4K is probably an abuse of an artistic license.

If you’re looking for something of this ilk I’d look at the Eachine E58. They are a toy, like the one you linked to, but considerably less and it’s claims are honest.



Quick search and unable to find a single spare part or battery available for this drone. I would avoid like the plague.

But for £41… It might be worth buying and reviewing… so other people don’t make the same mistake?

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If it’s still available at that price on Payday, I might try it out…

As an aside, I use an Amazon discount site called vipon.com, and they have 3-4 similar “toy” drones at 70-85% off (so all around the £35-50 mark)… None of which I’ve ever heard of. All look like knock-off MAs. Which I’m sure they are.

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