Just a few more drone pics


Taken with my DJI Mavic Air and a Neewer D filter, AEB and HDR Processing



brilliant pics!
love the third shot…
what HDR software do you use?



cheers! I use Photoshop CS6 with Camera Raw plug in

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you image resolution/quality is very good is the HDR a 3 shot or 5 shot?



5 shot RAW. Would prob be sharper without the ND filter as it wasn’t an expensive one, about 8 quid.

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ok thanks…
can i get a full size file download for one of these photos?.. or are they resized to upload?
reason being i am at the moment droneless and need a drone which will take an image for printing i am wanting to check if the quality is good when blown up to a3 if its sufficient i may purchase a mavic air.
could i please have permission to print one of your shots as a test?
feel free to say no!



I haven’t reduced them but they have been saved as JPG so maybe a Tiff might be better. Have a go at printing and let me know how it comes out

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