Just a little Dji fpv dvr

Was a bit Wobbly due to using the shockingly bad Dji controller


I’m actually quite impressed with the quality :+1:t2:

What’s the refresh rate like in the real world? Did you find it ok James?

@PingSpike the refresh rate is the display is absolutely fine. It gives you a lag readout in the osd and it hovered around 25-30ms. Tbh I never noticed any lag at all.

Top tip… don’t get the flymore package as the Dji controller sucks so bad compared to my Taranis.


As soon as they make a ‘Mini’ version for Toothpick class - I’m in :+1:

When I finally get mine working on the Cygnet ( :man_facepalming: ) - the latency will be lower than the standard camera! - A split mini 2 - (38ms) , which I don’t notice anyway :rofl: