Just a quick fly after work


Nice one Frank :+1:

Thanks Mark

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Nicely done Frank, I would have just faded out the end rather than have the Mavic come in personally :wink:

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I think the Mavic at end is a nice and quirky touch


Done in LumaFusion Mark. :+1:t2:

Ah never tried that is it free ?

It’s for iPad and think it’s about £28

Ok Frank ta just looked at it, is it easy to use like iMovie?

Good vid Frank…

iMovie is the easiest editing software I have come across


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I use Lumafusion for all my editing now mate, there’s lots of videos on YouTube about it and providing you have the iPad pro it handles 4k well. It’s not so good on my iPad mini 4 though as it doesn’t have 4k capabilities like the iPad pro does.

Thanks Barry :+1: