Just a quickie - wind and tripod mode?

Been trawling youtube for an answer for some time now with little success.
How does tripod mode cope with wind,given the drone is travelling at,say,2 mph,would a 3mph wind take it away? How prepared are the motors to kick in if say a 10 mph gust comes along?
Mavic air owner.

Thanks guys

The motors will attempt to compensate for any wind in order to maintain the tripod speed. You may notice the angle of the Mavic tilting over as it attempts to compensate for the wind. The camera gimbal and image stabilisation will be working just as hard to try and keep the video smooth and stable as the Mavic tilts into the wind. There are limits of course and if a high gust starts to make your bird drift away, cancel the mode and bring it home in either normal or sport mode depending upon the wind you are fighting.

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To what limit will they compensate tho,don’t expect them to accomodate sport mode,but normal mode?
Trying to get a feel for it.

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Best way to get a feel for what it’ll take-on is to go fly it in some sketchy wind and see just how good the stabilisation really is! You’ll be surprised just how much wind and knocking about the drone can absorb without the video being choppy. Go film some in high wind and see what you get back. Enjoy!


I really wouldn’t like to say what limit the motors will try and hold the speed down to, as Longstride says, try flying in some sketchy wind and get a feel for what the motors and video stabilisation can handle, but be prepared to take control. The more times you fly, the more proficient you will become at judging just what it can handle.

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