Just bought a new toy - it's not from DJI

I always seem to be attracted to the less obvious options whatever the subject. In this case having dithered over the Mini3 Pro and the Air2s I kept feeling the need for more camera wise e.g variable aperture, proper screw on filters (yes I am old) etc. rather than plenty of automated smart shots so enter the Autel Evo Lite +. Any way see what you think but if you think this was a rubbish choice please be gentle.


Welcome to the dark side :face_in_clouds:

And enjoy flying without made up restrictions and remote id :blush:

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@Xpro2 ….I’ve just compared this to your October flight with the mini 2 and I can’t see a huge difference but my eyes are old :rofl: I’m sure the larger sensor will prove to be beneficial in low light , it will be interesting to see some stills and a night shot

Yes my eyes are old as well. Agreed at an initial view there isn’t a major difference but once you start pixel peeping there’s a lot more detail to play with e.g for zooming in. I do have some RAW files that once edited I will post and I can crop them almost as ferociously as my Fuji mirrorles camera.

It’s a great drone I was seriously considering buying. Haven’t found a single negative review of it, but there were some complaints that Autel has disabled some features in their app (don’t shoot the messenger, just reiterating what I read).

My only reason not to buy it was the availability of accessories. Unfortunately DJI has such a dominance of the market that you have so much choice from filters to what ever you fancy, that to me is as important as the quality of the drone’s camera.

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Video looks good to my eyes, but them be old as well . :+1:

If it suits YOU stick with it… :+1:

It’s an FAA thing, not CAA. Therefore, only applicable in USA.

Looks sharp to me :clap:

I am interested in Autel. But the only thing that puts me off is the lack of Log profile. I.e., the image is baked in, which removes a lot of the flexibility to colour grade in post. Typically, with Log, you get more dynamic range, especially helpful for heavy contrast shots. This is no doubt due only being able to capture in 8 bit instead of 10 bit. That said, the 6K footage is very appealing, as it will allow cropping without loss.

For now.

Let’s also not forget all the UK police forces driving round with a DJI AeroScope in their truck looking for anyone who might fart with 5000km of an air field :confused:

That is capable of picking up none DJI drones :scream:

Yes totally get your logic but I’m the person who went all out for Betamax !! I do pixel peep a lot and this gives me plenty to play with plus good relatively distortion free basic images.

Yes! Another free thinker. Within my collection I only have five DJI drones:Phantom 1, Phantom2, Spark, Mini2, and a FPV Drone. The other 100+ range from the sublime to the totally ridiculous.


Philips Video 2000 FTW! :wink:

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Yes I know why you mean, there is a flatter profile but only 8bit. Looking so far, even on the standard settings with the original 6k (ish) clips there is a lot to play with. I’m going to have a play with some RAW image files when I get a minute and will post when complete.

Lovely quality and even lovlier bit of the country! Well done for thinking outside the box. The problem is the DJI kit is so user friendly, parts are available and the price. The bit niggle for me is what the chinese are up to with all our data…

Just the Chinese? People in this country reject the idea of carrying an ID card, as an invasion of privacy, but happily walk round with a smartphone in their pockets!


Looks good to me , I am also considering going to Autel for my next

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If the Chinese make any sense of my movements good luck to them. More seriously I do worry about the spares/repairs situation but on price, especially with their Black Friday offerings, I think they are now competitive . :+1:

Go for it whilst the special offers are available (if the budget allows of course). :smiley:

Not knowing much about Autel I’m currently researching between the evo 2 lite + and the evo 2 pro and then apparently there is a v2 and a v3 so still confused at the mo lol