Just passed my PfCO

How does it work I’ve sent my application to CAA now what? :helicopter:

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You wait.

Recent experience suggests there’s about a three/four week backlog until they review your Ops Manual and issue the permission.

This time next year Rodney…


Just wait. They will contact you if there’s a problem, if not you will get an email with your PfCO attached. Takes anywher between 10 day’s and 3-4 weeks.
Well done. :grin:


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Haha it feels that way

How did you find your Training Alex, was it a live in type of course , or, online?, was the Company you used good, remind me of who it was?.

I used phantom flight school they were great it was run by the owner, Alan, if you want I can send you and pass on your details to them if you like

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No worries, I was just curious to whom you used, looking at their Website
they are way to far from me to consider.

Where are you based?

Norwich, Norfolk

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Ahhh ok then that is a bit far away to use Phantom Flight School then

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