Just playing with a camera mount

Got a 360 camera mount for the M2P, the camera is supposed to be mounted under the drone but I thought I would try mounting it on top. Was not brave enough to use my Insta 360 One Inch so used my old Theta V for the test, video is really shaky as the Theta has no sort of stabilisation but here are a few of stills from the video.


Is it safe/wise to show your Op ID like that?
I actually don’t know, but my hunch is that I’m sure someone can find a use for someone else’s Op ID?

To what end? By that logic is it safe to display your car reg?

I’m just concious that whenever anyone posts pics of their drone, they typically obscure their OP ID. Im not saying it’s a problem… it really is a question … “Is it OK to show the OP ID”… I don’t know.

If you go on the caa website you can check a persons registration status, I’ve just used this operators ID to see what happens ……you need the persons name which I found on this page ….rest assured @Diveuk no personal information is disclosed ….it simply states “This registration is valid” and displays the expiry date

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I cannot think of any reason not to show it, yes, someone could use it on their drone but if anything happens and I get a knock on the door I have flight logs and can always vouch for my whereabouts at any time via mobile location tracking, plus anyone can make a number up and chances are the number they come up with could be a valid number belonging to someone.

I’m sure this will have been covered in another thread, like you say a flyer could use your ID and fly illegally knowing they can’t be traced, but if they lose the drone you would be contacted not them and you would deny ownership ….like @Diveuk said it’s no different from a car registration

Anyway I like the photos creating your own instant tiny planet images and the drone in shot :+1:t2:

Safer than your mobile number ;o)

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Careful mounting the insta on top it can mess with gps. It definity reduces the number of sats locked.

Yep I thought about that, flew around a bit at low altitude and near me for a bit to make sure everything was stable.