Keeping it dry

So after a flight in the mist this morning…(don’t you love mist?) The mav came back a little wet. Nothing to worry about but I was packing it away and wondered whether there’s anything like the little silicon packs I could put in the case to suck out all the moisture. Rice? Jelly beans? Sausages? Or silica packs perhaps…anybody got any tips for something cheap, effective and that you can maybe have for breakfast afterwards?

An airing cupboard maybe .

At home I have a bulk purchase of about 50 silica-gel packs, that can be re-cycled in the oven in 30 minutes, and an airtight box the cameras/lenses/etc (not the MP, yet!) can go in with them. It’s been a boon on skiing holidays etc.

Rice is a much slower alternative.

Chances are, after a flight you describe, I’d use a hair dryer (on lowest heat!) sat far enough away to be warm air and no not too hot, blowing in from the front so that it goes through the fan.

Advantage of a fan/hair-drier is that, since there’s good ventilation intro the Mavic, it will be a lot quicker.

Yes Sausages? that way you’ll get the “experimenter” badge and we get to know what they taste like after a week in with the Mavic…:skull:

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Who has an airing cupboard these days? Nowadays those are called third bedrooms…:derelict_house:


Thanks for the tips. Somehow I’m not surprised that you’re the bulk buying silica gel type! I think I’ll do the same. Apparently the stuff tastes great sprinkled on porridge to, although strangely that didn’t come as a serving suggestion…?

Don’t you have a hot water tank ?

Combi boilers do away with the need for a hot water tank. The mrs was chuffed, she got a free cupboard out of it.


Won’t it just dry out the porridge? :smiley:

Oh, and possibly kill you?

I’ve got some 500g bags of the stuff that I leave in the car over winter, stops the moisture build up on the windscreen over night.

Would probably also work on a smaller scale I guess?

Or even your diarrhea? It could replace having to go to a chanting medicine man…:nerd_face:

I didn’t know that . Jeez … that’s a lot of replumbing .

i have used the silica cat litter you can buy a big bag of it in asda used it for water damaged phones ect

They also give you plenty of time to have a meal, check your emails, watch a couple of episodes of something, while the bath is running. :grinning:

I have heard that rice isn’t a good dessicant for phones etc. Evidently it makes the moisture acidic which attacks the PCBs.

Wow. I now know a lot more about plumbing, cat litter and acid rice than I did this morning.

How would you explain that to the police …? Probably best not to drive across a border with bags like that on your dash… Bolivian De-misting Powder?