Keeping the iPad Mini 4 warm?

I finally had a flight the other day using my new set-up based around my iPad Mini 4. Right at the end of the flight as I was packing up I reached over to check the charge on the Mini4 only to find that it had shut down and the only thing on the screen was a red battery indicator.

Note to self, throw a Mini4 charge cable in the car.

When I got home I put the Mini4 on charge only to have it start back up and register as being 85% charged. It was functioning just fine.

Research shows a problem with the iPad Mini4 when it gets used in a cold environment - it was 4 Degrees that day. So it’s probably that then.

On to the question then.

Has anyone else experimented with keeping their Mini4 warm? Mine already has a thin plastic case on the back, but I guess that wasn’t enough. I wondered about using some thin packing foam as a barrier on the back, but what do you think?

Have you thought about putting one of those self heating hand warmers on the back?


Something like this.

You might want to check whats running in the background.

It should work perfect down to zero quite easily and hold its charge quite well.

Keeping GO4 running in the background and location services will hammer the battery.

Have a look at screen time see what’s eating the battery

I thought about one of these but I also saw a good deal about the Mini4 overheating. So I guess it’s a fine line. I’m thinking that wind-chill played a factor - might just stick it in a bloody sock and see what happens.

It shouldn’t overheat if the ambient temperature is low.

I keep the mini in bag with drone batteries and a few hand warmers when it’s really cold.

Issue with the iPad mini is it’s made out of a single piece of thin aluminium which basically acts as a heat exchanger. If its freezing outside all the internal components when not in use will be around the same temperature as ambient.

Keep it warm until you use it is the easiest approach.


Thanks Callum, I will give that a try. I got this second hand and they cited a potential battery issue, so it may just be that. I have the new battery ready to install, just need to get around to doing that :+1:

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Could be a combination of a worn battery and the cold.


When I fly Fixed wing I pop my batteries into the fleecy lining of a hot water bottle. They stay lovely and warm until you need them.

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I have to agree with Callum’s comment above.

I experienced this very same issue with an iPad Air. Out in the cold the battery would indicate a significant capacity drop, but back in the warmth the claimed capacity would increase. Unfortunately I don’t think this is particularly good for the battery’s longevity as the one in my iPad started to prematurely age quite quickly. I don’t know if this also had a knock on effect with the battery management as I’ve swapped the battery three times in the last year and each one appears to discharge very quickly. In fact using a third party utility I can monitor both my iPads over WiFi and the one that I’ve replaced the battery in is claiming a current consumption of over 1A in standby which is very excessive. If powered off and left alone for a couple of weeks there is no apparent discharge, maybe 1-2% at the most, but if left in standby it barely lasts a day.