Keyhaven Yacht Club

I flew from just near Keyhaven Yacht Club yesterday afternoon, the wind is often too strong but yesterday was fine. Had a few encounters with the public, it is an open public pathway, but all were very positive, one gentleman asked me about stitching photos together as he had taken shots with a still camera on a tripod and wanted to put them together.

I put a pano on the Panos by Drone category yesterday, if you look straight down and zoom in you can see me sitting next to a bench with a couple, it was this guy asking about the stitching, I told him about Microsoft ICE. I’m sitting just a the T junction of the paths beside the bench, I’m on my little mobility scooter.

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I have been fortunate in that everyone I’ve talked with has been inquisitive and over 50% have wanted to get their own drone but were out off by one reason or another.

Despite the raving rabbids out there I do believe most folks are just fine with them. And BTW, nice pano.


Yeah you are right, I have not encountered anyone who was against it, I think if you explain there are rules from the CAA that we have to follow it lends credibility to what we are doing. And also yesterday after another retired couple went passed and the guy asked what it was so I told him it was an MP, and he said oh I’ve got the same.

So I still have to meet one of the raving rabbids, I guess it will eventually happen, but if you talk nicely to them it takes the wind out of their sails. If it got too hot I would tell them I’m going to call the police and let them sort it out.

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