Kirkstone Pass

Hi guys, so last month i took a trip to the lakes. Some of you may have seen my other thread Sir John Barrow Monument.

Well while i was there i also got some footage of Kirkstone Pass and The Struggle. Now before you watch this, i appologise for some of the jerkier movements. I had to speed the footage up otherwise it would have been a 15 min film. I cut out the worse bits so its not to bad, just not my usual standard. I will also say, that it was very windy too.

Hope you like it.



Nice video. I once filmed a triathlon, followed the lead cyclist up The Struggle, no problem, but couldn’t keep up with him going down the other side !!
This is also taken on Kirkstone Pass WTF !!!

How do I just post the link, instead of having preview showing?

Add a line break above and below the video link :+1:t2:

Sorry, ignore that.

To NOT have an embedded video player, put a space or two in front of the YouTube link.

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Thanks @PingSpike Rich, I just think it looks like you’re taking over the post and it also uses up all my data !!! I’ve seen lots of video links but none have the preview like I do.

:thinking: Nearly ALL videos that I’ve seen have a preview. :man_shrugging:

A link without a preview, IMO, is a total non-entity. You don’t get any idea if you might want to watch it, so I totally ignore them.

And - having a preview doesn’t use up any more data than an image.

OK, my last post was slightly tongue in cheek! Will go with the flow :smile: