Kite vs Avata

shot in 4k on DJI Avata, this evening , dodging around some hay stacks and two minutes into flight a red kite appears and starts swooping down on drone, time for a bit of cat n mouse.


Hey I can almost sense it in your video how much you want to powerloop the little flyer! Maybe train for a bit on the computer and try it for real?.. C’on you want to do it!

…my own practice has been in Velocidrone only so far, but I think I have sort of learnt to do it there. I believe there is a dedicated trainer app for Avata? Once you get a hang of it there it should be possible in real life. I’m assuming you’re using a full controller with two sticks. Don’t think looping is possible with the handle.

P.S. maybe allow the horizont to tilt in your videos too? Think it will make them more dynamic. Do like the speedy bits when you zoom by the haystacks.


Much that I’d love to fly with sticks, I sufferer from tremors, so it’s the joystick for me only, as anything else is pointless and asking for a spectacular crash

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I hear you Dren.

My own hands are not perfect either after overusing computer keyboards. You might be interested to hear youtuber xjet says he has got arthritis so he needs remote controllers with very light springs. I am not sure if it is feasible to replace springs in a DJI remote but he says he replaced them in a Radiomaster Boxer (I own a boxer, springs are indeed a bit too strong to my taste, reducing tension via screws doesn’t help - the sticks just stop centering, so I indeed need lighter springs lije xjet). xjet was reviewing Jumper T20 remote (not T20s). Can’t find that video, has he taken it down?.. So he really liked how that T20 felt in his arthritic hands (he seems to be a “thumber” btw; I am a "hybrid thumber on Boxer and “thumber” on Mavic 2 remote). However he also noted quality control and design flaws with T20. And T20 seems to be sold out everywhere now they are selling T20S which unlike T20 has inferior gimbals (T20 is hall sensors, T20S is potentiometer). My point is you could try to find an ELRS remote with light enough springs or modify an ELRS remote with light springs like xjet. Then you can pay for Velocidrone for your computer and see if you are actually able to fly FPV despite issues with your hands. xjet manages to fly both FPV and fixed wing despite issues. Or maybe you can modify or have a DJI remote modified for lighter spring tension. Avata goggles should work with many DIY / BNF fpv drones too. Significant investment od course… I hope to build out a Redkyte XDrei for GoPro 11 sub 250g flying eventually. Got some parts but not others still lots of time and money yo spend…

i agree with what is said i suffer with arthritis in hands and some times i can’t move the stick’s especially when it is cold i can’t pinch just thumbs but i’ll survive :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

I suffer through out, get gittery fingers and shakes just get progressively worse if I don’t stop. I know what your suggesting but funds are now limited, and to be honest the little Avata does what I wanted to just get a taste of fpv’s. I think if I tried anything beyond the joystick it’s going to get messy, at least I can support one hand with the other when the tremors begin whilst flying. Superb to hear that I’m not the only one with the shakes

It’s only a matter of time before I fly into something, as keep pushing the boundary between drone and trees, etc.

True for all of us :smiley: Great to hear you found what works for you, happy flying!

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