Knutsford Fair and Fireworks - first time night flying and fireworks... Would appreciate your thoughts

Not too sure about this video, I captured the footage in mid September, but have been struggling with the edit for a while now…

Knutsford Fair - perhaps first footage a little too early, and the later a bit overexposed…
Fireworks - run at 4x speed - perhaps I should edit to the best bits only and run at normal speed?

Should it be one video, or 2?


Difficult to say, without being negative, especially with 5th November looming, I actually found the fireworks a bit boring to be honest, personally I think still shots would of been better incorporated into the video as I think they look more dramatic, just a personal opinion of course. I’ve yet to pluck up courage to fly at night so fair play to you. Hope that helps.

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:point_up_2: is worth a try, possible even slowing down some of the more “dramatic” sequences.

Not at all an expert! I have a similar sequence (without fireworks) Bridgwater Fair

Definitely. That ride in the back-right is spinning so fast it would kill people! :laughing:

Even the earlier daytime footage seems sped up? Rides spinning impossibly fast and people walking strangely.

Fewer “best clips” at normal speed, I’d suggest, rather than everything sped up to prevent it being too long?


Thanks @Spannersatcx @PPL and @OzoneVibe your responses are all appreciated…

Some good feedback, I shall take it onboard and try a diferent edit…

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Thanks all, I shall give it some thought…

I think the mini 3 pro is proving to be a very good drone for photography in low light conditions ….there was a fireworks RTF challenge last year and I gave it a go but my results were not impressive ( mavic air2 ) so really looking forward to what the mini 3 pro owners post over the firework period

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What I would try and do … Split screen, fireworks on left, fair on right, but slow the speed of the fireworks so that they are in sync with the beat. That would be quite good I reckon :man_shrugging:

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Oooh, I like that idea… Thanks…

I liked it, I really liked the opening scene and enjoyed seeing how different it looked at night.
All I would of done differently would of been to lower the highlights to bring the lighter parts of the sky down, increase the shadows slightly and then very slightly increased the black point and the contrast, but that’s just my personal preference and I honestly really liked it.

I would of split it in to 2 videos and ran it at normal speed, 1 video showing the fair in daylight and then cutting to the night time views, then another video for the fireworks.

Great job :+1:

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Thanks Rolo, comments are appreciated… I tried sorting the overexposure in Resolve, but it was too far blown out to recover much detail in the lightest areas…

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Perhaps a better edit, just the fair, by day and night… normal speed footage and a bit of processing on the levels…

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I really like that @AlbionDrones
It flows really well and I love the way that you’ve broken up the orbit shots with the straight down views.

Nicely done :clap:

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Thanks Rolo, muchly appreciated :slight_smile: Now gotta do the one with the fireworks…

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