KP Index

Probably another stupid question!

I am using UAV forecast, its saying that its not good to fly as the current KP Index is 6 (I know that I can adjust the threshold in settings). It says that a KP index above 3 means disruption to GPS, is this true.

In well over 5 years of flying drones, yet to experience anything related to the Kp Index … other than the Northern Lights … and these things …




Excellent answer, thank you


Like Dave said I’ve never bothered with KP index.

Personally think it’s a load of bollocks where drones are concerned.

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When it is an issue for drones will be the same day you see the pilot of a low flying A380 leaning out of the window asking for directions. :wink:


Only relevant when you fly in say Spitsbergen, when you are fairly close to the Pole, which I have.
I encountered High Magnetic Interference when on Svalbard and had to re-calibrate the compass on my Mavic Pro more times than I can mention.
And I was in the middle of freakin’ nowhere !.
The FP Index was at the time very high.

What wind speed and gusts limits would you set for a MP?

25 mph, gusts 28

An MP will do 22mph max with OA enabled. That means if you lose signal it’s going to RTH at that speed. If the winds over 22mph it’s going to struggle to make headway unless you switch to sport mode.

So if you have OA enabled I’d set max for around 20-22mph and not stray too far towards the high end.

Good answer Dave…lol.

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