Lacock Abbey Mini 2

Lacock Abbey is known as the birthplace of photography made famous by William Henry Fox Talbot who invented the salted paper and calotype processes, precursors to photographic processes of the later 19th and 20th centuries.

It was an incredible moment for me to capture this historic site that laid the foundation of modern-day non-digital photographic prints


looks a amazing place to fly and see this building and great weather , :+1:

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Lacock Abbey is somewhere I often head to. Great to see it from another angle!

Some spread that! Great shots.
I take it you flew from outside the grounds.

Not only that but I believe some of the cloisters shots from Hogwarts Castle (Harry Potter) were shot there too :smiley:

I’m not sure when this flight took place, but all of the airspace in the immediate vicinity of Lacock is now covered by a restriction. The restriction covers a circle of 1nm radius from Ray Mill House (owned by the Duchess of Cornwall), which is approx. 0.5nm North of Lacock Abbey. The map linked to below is provided via the CAA. The same restriction can be seen on Drone Scene.

Apologies if I have misunderstood, but I would not like us to encourage others to be flying against the regulations. In this case, I believe the National Trust (owners of Lacock Abbey) do have a legal right to prevent drone flight – or at least insist that the police do so on their behalf.

If you are not on their property then they don’t! (as has been discussed many times before). I’d suggest this restriction, as it’s centred on Ray Mill House, is to do with the fact that it’s owned by the Duchess of Cornwall. So if you did want to fly here you’d need permission from Wiltshire Police Constabulary Royalty Protection Department, as stated in your link.
“Flying in accordance with an agreed exemption issued by, or with the permission of, the Wiltshire Police Constabulary Royalty Protection Department.”

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The restriction came into force on the 9th Sept 2021.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for bringing this to my notice. I flew this from outside the abbey grounds and did not see any restrictions coming up on the Flyapp. Usually, it shows warnings

I fully agree that we as a community should not encourage flying within restricted airspace.

Keeping this in mind I will remove the video and post

Why remove it? It’s not encouraging people to do anything wrong. It shows the Abbey from a different perspective, and what’s done is done. Leave it for people to view. (Though I guess even if you remove the post, the YouTube video still remains as viewable)