Lakes by M4 Reading Berkshire water skiing. MA2


Excellent action videos.
Did you need special permission from the Club, driver or skier?

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None one is my neighbour and he asked would I like to shoot a video of them on the water. It took me all of 0.01 of a second to say yes :joy:

Some luck eh!
Did you have to do many practice runs first to keep the boat & skier in the frame?

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Not really I have three batteries so just over 30 minutes of footage to get the best bits next time I will give active track a go to see how good it is but then I might not as I like been in control :laughing:

Fantastic video, thanks Tony.
I’ve sent it to my Dad who was a water ski instructor and competed successfully in the 60s.

I’m sure he would have loved to have the ability to record his skiing back then, that slalom looks brilliant!

I’m looking forward to some over water flying this year, hopefully I won’t land an MP on the sea this year :grimacing:

I’ve been asked to film a small ROV being deployed and recovered from a boat, which should be fun on the right day.
Also promised to film my friends I go out kayaking with, roll on good calm weather and recreational flying being allowed.

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Main thing is to turn off sensors and trust the drone and you’ll be fine :+1:t2: Hope it brings back memories for your Dad :pray:t2: