Laleham Floods 7th Jan 2024

Mini 4 Pro - Tested the HLG format - A little grading in Final Cut Pro for Luma, no LUTS needed


Lived in Shepperton for 40 of my 66 years and the Thames floods there just about every bad winter. Remember my Frontera just about floating down past the camp site following my mate in his Toyota Hilux.

My Aunt lives on Penton Park and it is almost up to the base of her mobile home.

Great to see it as I now live in Lincolnshire and the nearest flooding to me worth filming is over 40 miles away in Newark, the Dunham bridge has been unusable most of this week.

Thanks for sharing.

Just noticed you are from Stanwell, Daughter had a temporary house in Clare Road many moons ago.

Hi @Zipperhead … yes it occurs many winters… the worst I recall was 2014 where it really went high, the Lammas was fully submerged and the Staines Bridge was awash… some of my footage then got on TV… sadly before I had a drone though, but it gives a much better perspective from the air.

The lady who owns the camp site contacted me after the video was shared (she does not live near it) and asked if it was still accessible, which it isn’t.

Chertsey Bridge was closed 3 hours ago. This morning it is going to be it’s worst as the upstream volume gets to us… but then it is dry for a few days… but we have snow coming in an hour, joy!

Clare Road very close to me indeed