Landing lights not coming on

Hi. Just prepping for a night flight & for some completely unknown reason my landing lights aren’t functioning.
I’ve customised the C2 function to toggle them on/off & nothing.
I’ve gone into the garage, closed the doors so it’s dark, taken off (warnings about no optical sensors as expected) hovered, tried to toggle lights on off. Gone into the setting to turn them on & also landed expecting them to come on. Nothing.
Can anyone suggest a fix.

Mavic2zoom drone AND remote software version 01.00.0770
Go 4 app version 4.3.46
I have got a wrap on it but lights were working so don’t think the wrap is the issue (unless there’s a bit of debris stuck in a sensor somewhere.)

Any suggestions? Could it be a faulty circuit & signs of something more sinister going on?

So what happens when you have the drone on and set it to manual? No light? Has the drone had any crashes recently? I have heard of bent contacts for the light on the ribbon stopping the light from working but this was after an impact.

No, nothing. They worked fine @3 weeks ago. I changed the C2 button back to my normal obstacle avoidance on/off. Prepping for a flight tonight I changed the C2 for aux lights toggling & nothing. Went into the app & manually changed them to on & still nothing. :person_shrugging:

I’ve strobes on so don’t NEED them. I’m just not sure if it’ll land ok if I fly it tonight or if it’s a sign of something g going wrong inside / software. A risk I want to eliminate tbh.

Sorry forgot to say - no crashes or impact & 9/10 hand catch/launch.

I think either way, software or contact problem its going to be a pain to fix. It’ll be software reset or stripping it down. Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion.

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I’ve care refresh but of course DJI close the phone lines at 4 lol.
I think best to postpone tonight to be on the safe side. If it’s a contact or loose ribbon connector best to play safe.

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