Langsett wood and resivor

A walk which combines woodland with views across open moorland. Much of the walk is on Yorkshire Water land and consequently is very well signed and maintained. There is a steady climb from the top of the reservoir to the turn on the moor, but the views are well worth the walk. The path leads on to North America for those who want an intercontinental feel to their walk!

There is an option to extend the walk by going further up Cut Gate path and then cutting back to North America.

Route Instructions
Fair House Lane and smithy Bridge Road Parking is free at the Langsett Barn (See Points of Interest 1) car park. It does get busy, so if it is full use the lay-by 200 m further up the hill from the main car park.

There are three routes from the Langsett Barn car park to the Brookhouse Bridge at the top end of the reservoir (2). They all lead to the same location.

The paths exit from the corner of the car park opposite the barn.

The top path has been constructed as a bridle way, and is wide and has a chippings surface. This can be the best path following wet weather.

Fair House Lane and smithy Bridge Road

The second path runs along the top of the woods on the other side of the wall to the bridle path.

The third path heads down into the woods and works its way down to follow the side of the reservoir. The views are best from this path but it can get muddy in wet weather.

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