Last minute Boston Manor (Hounslow - London) - 09/06/22

Hi guys, (@group-fpv )

@Rapha_43 and I will be meeting up at Boston Manor park tomorrow, 09/06, at around 2pm…

Not sure how long we will be there for, but if anyone is interested give us a shout, or just show up…

We will probably be flying at different locations in the park with our sub250 and possibly at the big field at the back with the 5" (well…he might, I’ll just be spotting :smiley: )


Would love to but Im prepping for the Big Meet this weekend. Hope you guys have a great time :+1:t2:

We’ll be going more frequently to this spot and others, at least thats the plan. I’ll try to post here when we do as early as possible…

Hopefully we can have more people joining …

Hi @cst3x6,
Nice to meet you!

Do you know if it’s ok to fly Mavic Pro 2 there (907g rather than sub 250g) as would be keen to come along at a future point.
If so, where about in the park do you guys meet?


Nice to “meet” you too @benn79 !

There is a designated area to fly which I assume/understand would be fine to fly. But chances are you can get away with flying it at other spots during daytime on weekdays as its not busy at all… Some dog walkers are the most common sighting during these hours and so far no one has complained.

Worth mentioning as well that the park is currently under renovations and there are some areas closed off, which might further contribute to the low traffic during weekdays… Also could be the reason I didn’t see any signs about flying anywhere.

We met at the playground by the south entrance (the only one open currently)…

Thanks v much @cst3x6
Cheers for the info - very useful to know.
If I don’t make it down tomorrow I deffo will in the future!
Hoping to meet you guys soon.
Take care,

No worries @benn79

The meetup was today actually. We might go next week at some point, I’ll create a new post when we do.

Cheers @cst3x6
Looking forward to it.
Have a good weekend

Sub250 Bad export resolution

YT shorts, a little better here!

5" DVR airunit