Latest best FCC trick for IOS users?

Hey all sorry for this question in advance, but there seem to be so many conflicting opinions on how to achieve FCC with DJI Go4 at the moment.

It seems pretty reliable to use and Android phone first either with a tweaked go4 app or using a GPS changer type thingy then just move back to the usual IOS app, if I bought this Android phone for £25 I think I could achieve that though I am no expert with Androidy phones

Or I see loading a config file directly into my iPhone but a few saying this no longer works? Any feedback on this?

What are your thoughts on the best Current method? Sparky needs a longer leash!

Config mod stopped working after Go 4 4.1.12

It’s a bit of hassle but you can roll back your IOS app to one that works. There’s a guide on NLD mod site. I’m on 4.1.3.

NLD also say you can enable Mavic flight modes on the spark.

Might be worth looking into doing that and an IOS rollback at same time.

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I ended up buying a Smart mini 7 for £31 and installing the offline forced FCC version of Go4 on it, switched the spark to FCC mode no problem and then turned it all off, re connected with my iPhone with Go4 4.2.12 standard app, iOS 11.3 and it’s all running perfectly in FCC :+1:t2:
Didn’t have to roll back anything and took about 20 minutes total. Went out for a fly and the control and video feed were flawless. Very happy!

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So are you saying that you only need to have a FCC modded device connected on start up then you can swap to whatever you like?

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Yes but it only needs to connect to the moddd app once, then you can just use the standard setup for all future flights without it. On startup it says “new WiFi region detected, change settings?” every time or something similar and as long as you click cancel and not yes it stays in FCC. If you click yes by mistake you have to reconnect the Android phone to set it back to FCC. Works for the Spark, not tried the MPP.

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I’m on Mavic pro. Never seen any message like that when using modded apps. Must be a spark thing as it uses wifi.


I’ve not really found a desire to do anything with my Mavic, quite happy with the range as it is but the Spark has definitely seen the benefit.

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So when you connect the Mavic to the app, it goes back to CE mode?

Does anything change on the drone itself? I thought it was just the app and phone.