Latest issue of Drone User

Came home today to the latest issue of Drone User magazine. With a little article on my trip to Iceland … :partying_face::trumpet:


Very nice,and, i might say,well deserved!!!:+1::+1:


Good on yer, nice to get recognition !.
Would be interested to know what the magazine article is about on cruising?

I think I’m supposed to tell you that copies are available in WH Smith’s or through the magazine’s website :grinning:. The cruises article is mostly about the various restrictions different cruise companies put in place.

I didn’t think they put restrictions in place?, just ban the things from coming on board !.
(except Royal Caribbean)

Don’t get me started “P&O”:rage:

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The article mentions a few who will allow drones on board for use only on land: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, MSC.

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Best we get a petition up then !.
The annoying thing is, THEY use drones to film their ships.
Would not it be better if they allow Registered, Insured, drones aboard.
Then they know you are not going to get your “Muppets” on board.

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Anyway, back on topic.

Contracts @kvetner :clap:t2:

Did they print many of your pictures??


Yeah, which ones did they print?

7 pictures in the article plus 1 on the contents page. I’m pretty sure they’re all ones I shared here previously.

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Excellent result Kvetner, how’s it feel to be in print?.

Think I may have to invest in a copy. :+1:

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me too !.

Hang on !, I thought it was free, use to be?

Ah!, hard copy isn’t !.

I used to publish a music fanzine, and I’ve had a fair bit of writing published freelance in various places, so it’s not that new, but I’ve not had much photography published, so that’s left me quite chuffed!


Did you offer them to the magazine for free?.
I hope you copyrighted them?.

I keep copyright (you keep copyright automatically unless you sign it away). They didn’t pay, but they will offer a free online subscription to contributors.


Nice gesture

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Which more than qualifies you for the somewhat-rare Celebrity badge :star:

Congrats once again :smiley:


A Grey Arrows badge is the best recognition anyone could want! Cheers, @PingSpike!

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