Launching sites question

Sorry just found answer in another thread :blush:

This is something I to am confused about

Fancy in lighting me robwakefield99 ?

? What was the question

Can I take off on a bridal path or a car park

Ok, it was if I’m driving and come across a good area to fly, I pull into a lay-by or gateway if there are no cars people or animals would I be allowed to launch from there?
That was the essence of the question.
I’ve read everything I can from caa but nothing relates other than safety to this situation of launching. :thinking:

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I would say yes as long as you follow the drone code and it’s not private land, and in your opinion you can land it safely as well.

Which thread?

Not at Flamborough Lighthouse car park.

Jobsworth told us we were not allowed from the car park, we politely accepted his request and stepped 4 feet left, which he said was fine.


Moved 4ft. :joy::joy:

In “ where to fly” Q and A .
I should have checked the section before posting

I shit you not


Bet his name was W. Anker !

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Possibly just avoiding making himself liable? :man_shrugging:

Doing a bit of research on Google Maps can sometimes save a lot of grief with “tossers” like you encountered.
I now always look for Public areas, Roads, Paths, unless I know it’s going to be a difficult one in which case I just find an inconspicuous spot and go for it.
There is a field just down the road from me, where they very often take Hot Air Balloons off from.
But, there is a public bridle path right beside the field that runs along 2 sides of it.
Anyone know if I am infringing any Aviation Laws in taking off to film the Balloons at a safe distance?.
The other night one of the Balloons came over my house at only about 50feet, I think he was struggling to get it to go up due to the very hot weather, his burner seemed to be on each time for a very long time !.
Any advice appreciated.

Simple … wear a launchpad on your head and you are not launching from their property …. :wink:


:rofl: :rofl: I’m stugling to get it up in this heat as well :zipper_mouth_face:


Love it Dave !.
Now ,Now @robwakefield99 we are talking HOT AIR BALLOONS , not that sort of balloon that usually comes in 3’s !!

You have to remember to jump into the air at the precise moment of take-off, too, remember! :+1:


The guy we spoke to suggested taking off from the roof of the car, that’s how fhick he was