Laxey Wheel - Isle of Man

Here is a video of a flight I did in Laxey to see the Laxey Wheel. Access to the wheel from the centre of Laxey involves going down a steep road in to the valley and then up a steep road on the other side. It wasn’t possible with my wheelchair so I flew my drone across the valley. ToaL was from a quiet road called Mines Road, just past the Laxey Tourist Information Center.

Laxey is easily accessible via bus from Douglas which are wheelchair accessible. The Manx Electric Railway also runs from Douglas to Laxey but 3 days notice is needed to have a wheelchair accessible tram on it.

Near to the bus stop where you arrive is a shop with a small café in it (Miss Tabatha’s).

The weather, as with my Douglas Bay flight was grey and miserable.


Beautiful place. I went there last month, but the wheel was covered in scaffolding, so I couldn’t get the footage I wanted.