Learning new skills 🙂

Martin @gunja99 learning how to launch a Flying Wing
Also LOS flying of a plane without any Flight Controller inside
Didn’t he do well :clap: :smile:


Until Monday… With the second ever pack solo flying with the RIOT… Ooops. About time I had a crash, been months!

Had I dunno 10 odd minutes flying it round in light winds, and then had what I believe is a tip stall, and it went head first into the ground… Too slow on the turns… Just nose dived full pelt into the ground, leaving quite a substantial hole, a broken prop, crack in fuselage, damage wing mount, and a shed tonne of mud in the spinner…

Nothing a little uhu por can’t fix no doubt :wink:

Although had a very close call of losing my AR 900 yesterday too, but that’s for another discussion!!!

haha that was funny as an opening scene… here I was thinking which way it was going to… did I get that wrong!!:joy::joy::joy:

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:thinking: months :joy: :joy: :joy:

How long ago was that? Tbh forgot about that one. Bit of uhu por. These wings and planes easier to fix than quads haha…and tbh that wing one wasn’t pilot error… Engineer error maybe heh…

The pilot couldn’t land it :joy:

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Very true hense wanting to learning LOS flying heh. Regressing my skills. Be on ICE models soon, then rubber bands heh…

Then again in angle I’d have probably landed that fine, and definitely not a nose down smash!

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they are difficult to land in all fairness :rofl:

He just didn’t know where it was for half the flight.

Heh these things coming quick now… Bloody trees…