Leeds Castle Kent

Taken on a beautiful day, Monday 16th May 2022
DJI Mini 2 Pro.


DJI Mini 2 Pro ??


Sorry pre edited text GRRRRRRRRR, Should read DJI Mini 2.
My apologies.

Absolutely no need for apologies - just thought you may have been one of the lucky ones with a new DJI Mini 3 Pro :+1:

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This is a stunning shot. Once I tried to take shot here and one of the staffs said no:(

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I considered the Mini 3 pro but at present could not justify the £859!! and with the extra kit of batteries & case it totals £1000. A lovely bit of kit, but I hold fire for a while.

I had made enquires and was told no. I’m guessing it was to do with the local wildlife. I found a discreet spot and took off rapidly to get a quick shot. I didn’t chance flying any closer just in case I got spotted. :grin:

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Lovely pic though.

Amazing picture, I’ve been there for an evening concert in the summer a few years ago. This makes me want to go back and visit the actual building during the day. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Radiuoz,
I was also told no by the groundsmen.
I slipped off to a discreet location for a quick flight as got as near as my chances would let me in case I got shot down LOL. As far as I’m aware the area is not Geo fenced.

Stunning shot :clap:t2: