Leeds Dock

Here’s a couple of photos taken around the Leeds Dock in the blue hour after sunset.


They look great, well done. I really like the blue and orange contrast

Hi Jim,

Really great pictures. I have found with my drone that the only problem with this time of night is that you get a lot of noise from the sensor. Topaz de-noise, or Topaz photo AI do a really great job of cleaning up the image. I have tried this on yours along with the transform tool in LR to sort the converging verticals. Take a look and see what you think. Hope you don’t mind.


Thank you, I don’t mind at all, I was trying to keep the lit areas separate and that dusky kind of feel hence keeping the areas not lit not highlighted as much , I’ve not use LR that long and just had another play with the pic, I’ve taken a lot of the noise out and colour noise too that was on the water and left hand building, a couple more setting I didn’t know about.
Always learning, cheers :+1:t3:

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Which drone was this @Kings ?

These were taken using the DJI mini 3 pro.

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Like the pix very nice