Lens cleaner

What do all use to clean the camera with?



Brilliant! :+1:

If there aren’t any cows handy, I always have a pocket full of cloths to clean my glasses and usually just grab one of them.

Better get a bigger bag if i need to take a cow with me lol.


There is a travel-sized option :wink:

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Just the little lens cloth that it came with, or a glasses wipe cloth.


Lens cleaning fluid, a brisk rub with fine grade wet and dry and then a spray with WD-40 and polish off.


Never occurred to me to use a spot of WD-40 on my lenses. May need to give that a try :slight_smile:

Tesco own brand lens cleaner. Good size bottle last ages and £2. I’ve been a mug over the years investing money in “the best” for lenses. They aren’t any better.

As I live by the sea, I just fly into the surf, get hit by a couple of waves then carry on.

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I got myself one of these…

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I know this is old, but I’m looking for tips on how to get minute dust particles off my goggles oled panels. There was 1 hair on it, but I’m making it worse. Any tips?

Been using these for last couple years on my digital camera sensors. Always give a good blow off and dust with very soft brush to avoid scratching.

Brilliant! I have some solution. Now to find a good swab. That’s what I’ve been missing. I’m impatient and cant wait for delivery :grin:

The possibilities are endless ;o)

I used to use a product like this on my telescope eyepieces and camera sensors.

It’s a polymer based liquid that when dry bonds to any contaminant on the surface (dust, grease, etc). You then just remove it in one piece with a something tacky like a piece of masking tape.

It’s quite pricey but it prevents even the minutest of scratches you would get from cleaning swabs and similar.

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