Lens hood for Mini 2? Recommended or waste of money?

Hey people

I’m considering getting a drone hood for my Mini 2 as they’re only cheap and was wondering if it will actually help when my new (not if) toy has a bump or am I better saving my money for something else? I gather the gimbal is the bit worth protecting the most?

I can’t stop browsing ebay for random drone parts now!

Thanks, Dan

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I imagine it depends how bad a bump. I think it might help with flare though, I find the Mini 2 quite prone to it in bright sunlight (and the Mavic Pro 2 for that matter).

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I’ve yet to find a single person that uses a lens hood.

There’s probably a good reason for that.

Save your £3 for a decent coffee instead :smiley:


Or half of one


If it counts I used one on my MP for about 5 whole minutes.


Hi Rich I’m with @callum so your doing good that’s 2 so far :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Like Callum I only used for 5 mins. :+1:

I thought after I smashing my gimble that I would protect it and sunlight but my videos and pictures would catch the hood in shots. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Thank you all I think that answers the question perfectly :+1:


I occasionally use one, just to stop lens flare which the Mini 2 is prone to, but more often than not I don’t bother (mainly because I forget about it).

Haven’t had any issues with it getting in shot.

To be honest, I could take it or leave it, but at a few quid it’s in my bag “just in case”.

I’ve had photographs ruined by lens flare and as a retired Pro Photographer I now always use a lens hood on my Inspire and Mavic 2pro , was doing a shoot in Dunoon of the Glenmorag Hotel and 6 of my shots were ruined by flare so bought and fitted one and had no problems since, but buy try and see u in f there is any difference they are cheap enough


Like the majority of accessories, complete waste of money.

The lens hood shown seems too shallow to me, but then, that may be because of gimbal movement range restricts its size. I don’t think that shape would be much good on a still camera…let alone a UAV camera.