Lepe Beach - Wed 27th Feb - Anyone?


The weather is looking perfect for a long distance attempt toward the Isle of Wight. Little wind - and the wind that is forecast is perfect for the return flight.


If the forecast, Tuesday evening, is still looking this promising for Wednesday, I’ll probably make it an early start to get there for sunrise … but stay as long as I can and recharging as I go.

Anyone that fancies joining me let me know below and I’ll keep this thread updated with my intentions.

Lepe Beach???


I would love to come see this sadly tho i have to work , this productions taking away all my play time :confused:


Also would have loved to but will be on day 2 of my PfCO :smile:


Ah. Almost no wind for the flight test. That will be handy. :+1:


Are you really going to have a go?!


If the weather is as forecast, or close to that, I’ll definitely do a few exploratory flights of increasing distance … and see how I feel about the full crossing.


Dave me thinks you have come to you really want to do this and also you need to justify getting a mavic2 so this is a win win for you make it you done what you set out to do, dont make it and you are forced to fork out for a replacement that will be a magic 2 :thinking::wink:
perhaps we should have sponsored crossing


It’s an MP if I do, and no anything that flies if I don’t.


Well - I’ll still have my old Phantom 2, of course.


and you would be more than welcome to borrow one of mine
but i am sure you will make it you been thinking about it for a while :ok_hand:


Yes - all planned - lack of wind is key - as is the little there is blowing back toward me.


Good luck with the PfCO Brian
And good luck with the crossing Dave
How close do you think it will be battery wise I know you have mentioned it’s close does recording effect the battery? Having it on I mean …


That will be one thing I’ll be checking on the preparatory flights.
Where I want to cross I think I’m about 15 minutes to cross both ways taking it easy.
So, a coastal saunter along to Cowes is the ultimate target - full speed … but that will be absolute limit. Have to see how the previous test flights go before I try that.

This is the extended version …


Thanks Jeff


Are you using Litchi?
What height are you going?
Oh and don’t do an Ian…

I’m sure with all the checking and double checking it will be a great flight


Definitely Litchi.
Initially, not very high. No point wasting battery going up. Probably @ 10m only … unless there are any large ships around.


Still looking good for tomorrow! :+1:


Would there be any noticeable difference in battery usage between say 10 and 40 meters height ?


Not related specifically to height itself. The only difference would be the amount of wind … which increases with height, and can do at a greater rate over water where there’s less resistance to the wind.

So - depending on the conditions on the day - I may set it to return a bit higher, gradually climbing as I leave the IoW coast.


Could be a long day, tomorrow. Depends if the winds pick up too much mid day and I have to stick around (or return) for a late evening flight.

All packed for it - I can sit in the sunshine and brew fresh coffee whilst Litchi plays with my MP. :wink: … or heat up some home-made soup, BBQ a steak, make a salad. I’m well prepared! :wink: