Hi new drone, do i need a licence to fly and if so where do i get one ? Can any body help…

You don’t need a licence at all in the U.K. if you are flying as a hobbyist.
Just fly within the drone law, which is not above 400ft, not beyond visual line of sight (Vlos) not within 1km of an airport, not within 50m of people and property, not within 150m of crowds and built up areas.And it’s as simple as that.
From November 30th 2019 you will need to register your aircraft for a small fee and take a simple online test to ensure understanding of the code. Don’t let anyone con you into joining a licence ‘register’ for a fee, there are one or two legit registers about, but all you basically get for your money is a fancy sticker and a laminated copy of the drone law.
If you are intending selling your photos and vids as a business or have been commissioned to take photos and vids in exchange for money, then you need what is called a Pfco (permission for commercial operations). This involves a great deal of time and expense, usually with an approved training provider. Google it and you will see what it involves.

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I notice you are at St. Helens area, I’m sure there are a few members in your neck of the woods. If you haven’t already, please introduce yourself, what drone do you fly, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are probably the best, friendliest club in the U.K., and I dare say, the world.

Hi Brian thanks very helpful just learning not flown it yet still in its box Bebop 2,

Nice drone. My advice, watch as many you tube videos as possible. They are a great practical help. You can see the mistakes that others have made, rather than you make them.
Dont be tempted to fly indoors, get to a nice open space when it’s not windy, where you have no distractions from buildings or cables, pylons etc, to worry about and practice flying. You’ll very quickly get the hang of it



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Brill picks…

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Thought, for a brief moment, that somewhere they’d built a bridge immediately above a church! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. It does look a bit weird, it’s just how they were dragged out from ‘the cloud’ where I keep a lot of my photos.
Next time I’ll put a few line breaks into them or heaven knows what mixture I could have.


Hi Brian I would be interested to meet for some help in flying my drone when it suits you I’m only about 10 mins from shirdly pk.


Mail]( for Windows 10

Rules for flying…