Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire

Took these today after taking a 5th Birthday Challenge photo in Lichfield. Love this Cathedral and if its ok to fly here (haven’t checked yet) its going to be one of my 1st mini 3 Pro flights using the extra gimbal action :+1:t2:


Not sure there’s anything official in the sense of bye laws etc but they don’t like it. Neither do the council. Plus it’s usually pretty crowded unless you go early/late. You can get pretty decent shots far enough away and still keep VLOS though. No need to TOAL right on top of it to get some decent aerial shots.

Cheers Ade. I couldn’t find owt either. The lake adjacent, (Stowe Pool I think) has an SSSi but wouldn’t need to go near it. Funny enough the afternoon I was there, there were very few people about. Didn’t have my drone with me though. They have a beach scene mockup at the front of it with deckchairs etc at mo… but no windsurfers! :joy: :joy: