LiftOff Progress

Since I’d popped into LiftOff to grab the “Snow Spotter” Steam achievement today, I thought it would be interesting to compare my current performance with the video I recorded as I was just starting out.
I now have approximately 50 hours across five different simulators, compared to 6 hours when I made the original recording. This is the sort of progress that you don’t really notice, but I’m basically twice as fast now.

(Original video thread)


You can see the confidence flow. When spring comes I bet you’ll be posting some epic moves in real life

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There’s endless confidence in the unbreakable, cost-free world of the simulation. :wink:
Not to mention the perfect video feed. And no, I’m not ready to throw money at going digital just yet. :grin:

Your underestimating yourself.
And may I recommend hdzero. :laughing:

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It had a great feed today at the field
So good that even I briefly (very briefly) wondered if I should get it :grinning:

You know you want to Steve, it will look amazing in your Skyzone goggles mate :wink:

It’s just the cost mate, I’d need 9 VTX’s :scream:

And may I recommend DJI :rofl:

Just sell your sky 02’s. That’ll get 4 or 5

You only need 1 to start, you can use analogue on your others with the same goggles :grin:

I’m tryin’ :man_shrugging:t3:

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Yeah but which craft do I put it it on? And will I be dissasified with the others ?
Think it needs a quick release cradle so I can swap it around :+1::laughing:

Thats a genius idea :grin: