Lightning connector

Only just joined and first question. I’m getting an Ipad mini2 off ebay but will need a lightning connector. Does anyone have any links for uk sellers? I believe I;ll need one with 90 degree connectors but not sure what length.
Tried searching on here for it but nothing comes up.


I just use the standard Apple cable.

No need for a right angle one.

Also have a 20cm flexible silicone one that fits and works well.

Did I stray into a very different forum?


Many people including myself use this


Hi @Rafter and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

I’ve used one of those ‘TOWAYS’ cables and also cables made by Anker are cracking quality too - also available on Amazon :+1:

Thanks everyone for the replies. Went for the TOWAYS cable. Just waiting for my Ipad mini2 to arrive to I can set everything up.

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We’ll be able to get out soon then :blush::+1:

Hi Frank, how did you know it was me? just emailed you