Lightweight 4" Freestyle Quad

There seems to be a trend for lightweight quads. Initially this was led by a number of manufacturers releasing 4" long rang quads - GEPRC’s Crocodle Baby, Flywoo’s Explorer etc… Just lately there’s been attempts at making 5" freestyle quads lighter. Some have gone for the ultimate of getting a 5" quad below 250g while others have gone down the 4" route. In the spirit of this movement towards lighter builds I thought I’d attempt my own. My aim is to get an AUW of 300g (there’s just too much compromise trying to get to 250g). It must have DJI digital and carry a good Lipo battery.

So I’ve gone for a 4" frame, a Caddx Vista unit with a Nano Pro camera and a 4S 850mAh Lipo. Motors will be 2004 size.

Last week the frame arrived all the way from Australia - an ImpulseRC Micro Apex 4". I ordered it 2nd February and it arrived on 17th February - and it only cost me £8.00 postage. Not too bad I thought - especially compared to most of the suppliers in the US.


Look forward to the build :ok_hand:t2: