Lightweight mount for Mavic 2 and 9.7" iPad

I fly my Mavic 2 using standard controller, mount and a 9.7" iPad / sunhood which is great the only problem is the weight of the controller set up!! My question is, is there a decent “light” good quality iPad mount out there? the iPad is a 6th gen so its lighter than my old iPad. I just need to get the weight down!!

@mrc123 I use a Camera Tripod when using my Ipad Air 2, with the Ipad clipped into a holder i bought from Amazon.
I use along lead to connect the controller, not the best setup for portability.
but great if you don’t wander around during your flight.
With any gadget attached to the Ipad, you are always going to find it “Top Heavy”

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How heavy is your current mount? :thinking:

Depending on how much you want to spend, a couple of options…

But again, without knowing how heavy your current mount is, there might not be much of a saving to be gained.

If I’m running a full setup of Inspire controller + CS + Titan it weighs a bastard ton. A lanyard is essential.

Are you using a lanyard?

I’m getting more and more tempted to build a ground station :slight_smile:

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220 grams

I have been working on a design of one for several months.
Lost count how many times it has changed !!!.
Got the case !, just need to position everything to cover all my needs.

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maybe lanyard is the answer!!!

thanks people for your quick responses!!

How does that compare to the weight of the MavMount or Lifthor? (I’m assuming their weights are listed on their sites).

Hopefully your current mount has a lanyard attachment point??

I should have added Rich, and, a truck to move it around !.:wink:

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220 g isn’t bad by the sounds, is lighter than one of them my 100g the other doesn’t mention the weight!

and yes it has a lanyard point! have one kicking around somewhere! I will give that a go, thanks again!

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I have a Mav Mount and it came with a lanyard which is great saves dropping controller and ipad and keeps your hands free :+1: