Lilleshall Abbey in the early morning Mist

Some early morning mist around as I was going to work a few days ago, so an ideal opportunity for some Augustinian Aviation with my M2Z - Oh & I think this is my first post , so hi to everyone from Shropshire :grinning:


Wow!!! That is brilliant. Lovely job. Love the slow forward tracking through the arch, traversing the Nave just above ground level. And with that music it felt like the opening to a history cinema epic. Murder and Mayhem in Tudor England. LOL. The lighting has a cinema look. Where you shooting at a low shutter speed and using neutral density filters? Anyway … Very well done!!!


Loved the shot at 1.30 in great stuff :+1:t3:

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Thanks, I only realised afterwards that I’d still got an ND8 filter attached which I’d put on flying a sunnier day 2 weeks previous - I thought it actually hindered the quality what with the poor light & the amount of moisture in the air - as it was on auto exposure, I guess it would have either lowered the frame rate or upped the iso

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Probably lowered the shutter and increased the ISO. I’m guessing the lower shutter speed and that created that slight motion blur which creates that cine look.

Would be interesting to fly it in HDR mode at sunrise/set pop the colours… :thinking:

Good composition :+1:
Did anyone else get dropped frames and beeps and buzzes?

There’s an editing “glitch” at the 2.00min mark where I had a slight problem when crossfading 2 separate files.
Also, as my internet is relatively slow, I also have a problem where I cant play youtube videos above 720p without dropping frames & buffering.

A few years ago, I made a CGI flythrough from Lilleshall Abbey to Much Wenlock Priory using the 3D rendering Google Earth tool.
Basically, I drew a straight line of between the 2 locations & then flew on top of an “invisible wall” over the 18Km - sounds complicated, but Google Earth did all the work.
Its now got me thinking about a project to recreate this same flight with my M2Z - doing many separate flights & them stitching them together for one long video
Here’s the original (pre-drone) flight:-

This video adds the Misty Moments Badge to your profile. :+1:

Not your problem mate, I just had a windows update and yet again it has screwed my video and sound playback. :scream:

Litchi will make this soooooo much easier for you :slight_smile: