Lincoln Cathedral At Sunrise

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Getting used to these early morning starts now. Quite a lot of mist about on route. This area is in Scamptons EG R313 Restricted zone and as From Monday it will be in a no fly zone from Waddington as they have the new drone SkyGuardian ( big Boys Toys ) to play with . The endurance isnt bad compared to mini 2 .Max Endurance: 40 hr.
Tried ring scampton and Waddington prior to take off. both no reply. DJI fly app.Allowed me to fly around the Cathedral


Those are great pictures John!

Thanks just struck it lucky with weather

Very nice?
I love shots of cathedrals taken from above.
Thanks for posting.

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Thanks for comment

Love a golden hour. Looking forward to early October when I don’t have to get up so early and still not so many people about, before the clock change of doom, and it’s dark when I get up, and dark when I leave work! :slightly_frowning_face: